Ta Pedia Tis Paleotitas


Photo by Nikos Kartonas

In the summer of 2013 a state of agitation that took place behind the ancient Venetian walls of Corfu has laid the basis for the formation of a new band that was meant to be the evolution of Kore.Ydro.

Guided by a circle of unreleased tracks composed by him, P.E. Dimitriadis joined his forces with the multi-instrumentalist Mario Plaskasovitis and guitarist Nikos Rarakos (the two musicians who formed the backbone of the song “I Paleotita” (The Oldness) from the last album of Kore.Ydro.) and with the support of multi-instrumentalist Delos Petrou and cellist Hristina Papalitsa, close collaborators of the last phase of the recently disbanded group, they formed the artistic idea through which the first album of Ta Pedia Tis Paleotitas (The Children Of The Oldness) was created. The album will be released from Inner Ear.



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