Ta Paidia Tis Palaiotitas


Photo by Spiros Hitiris

In the summer of 2013, the process that would lead to the formation of the band that was to become the Kore. Ydro. aftermath took place behind the Venetian walls of Corfu.


Working on several unreleased songs, P.E. Dimitriadis along with fellow musicians who had been the backbone of the song “The Oldness” (included in Kore. Ydro.’s final album) formed the artistic idea from which the first Ta Paidia Tis Palaiotitas (Children of The Oldness) album emerged. Entitled 12 Songs from the Catacombs, the album was released by Inner Ear in June 2014.


The first live performance of the new band in Athens took place in September 2014. Soon after the presentation of the album in Corfu, in October 2014, Ta Paidia Tis Palaiotitas began working on their second album Consortium in Amato. It was released on CD in November 2015, under the Corfu-based label 39 (L39), and on a double LP with three extra tracks in April 2007, as a self-release.


In September 2017, the band started working on its third album. The recordings were finished in the summer of 2019, when the group announced the re-collaboration with Inner Ear for the release of the album, under the title Juvenile Companions Souvenir.



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