Photo by Anna Vokali, Metaxia Markaki, LogOut

Imagine a browser with stored all your data, your passwords, your contacts, your history, the transactions of your credit card and your favourite sites. Then imagine that you log out of your profile and surf the internet, escaping from the confines of your everyday life, without any criticism or any desire other than seeing and, most of all, feeling as much as you can. This detached internet ride results in the sounds and words of LogOut’s songs.

Until recently, his songs were channeled mainly to the musical group The Place Within, while in 2010 he begun to make solo live appearances using the technique of live-looping. Besides songwriting, he has participated in theatrical performances by Abovo, lias Karellas and the team Contra Tempo.

His debut album, “Paper Plane Flight Recorder”, was released in November 2011 on Inner Ear, while his next album, produced by Hristos Lainas, is out in late spring 2013.



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