Johnny Labelle


Photo by Sasha Streshna

Having been described as a “deranged Frank Sinatra” and “like he came out of the Twin Peaks’ Roadhouse Club”, Johnny Labelle’s dark, introspective and romantic musical world draws influences from a variety of musical styles ranging from dream and ambient pop to post-punk and 50’s love ballads.

The Athenian Singer-Songwriter and producer independently released his debut album “Cold Fruit” in 2019, which was co-produced with film director and producer Aaron Khandros. The album also included collaborations with artists from various artistic fields, including musician and songwriter Magic Island, Pulitzer and Language Poets founding member Rae Armantrout, as well as filmmakers Martha Colburn, Zachary Epcar and Karissa Hahn.

In 2020, just one year after the release of his first LP, Johnny Labelle released his second album “XVIII” from Inner Ear and in collaboration with producer Vassilis Dokakis, founding member of the band No Clear Mind.

Johnny Labelle has performed live both in Greece and in European capitals, participating in interna-tional festivals such as ESNS and sharing the stage with artists such as Sean Nicholas Savage, Mega Bog, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, and Discovery Zone.

His new album, “May Your Dreams Come True” will be released on March 24th via Inner Ear Records.



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