Νotowns started as a duet based in Athens and Piraeus in 2021, a remedy for quarantine boredom and disorientation, but soon emerged into a 3-piece band and a highly addictive bad habit.

With a love for dystopian forecasting, black humour and awkward dance moves, they come up with a plan to dance the chaos away.

Their sound – a rough mix of dysfunctional post punk and neurotic disco – is inspired by abandoned supermarket trolleys, sunbaked rooftops, screaming alarm clocks and deformed waiting queues.

With a luxurious but overlooked past in the local punk scene, the Notowns idiosyncrasy is rooted in the diy ethics, which is clearly evident in the way they write and record their songs, design their covers and videos.

Τheir debut album Joyride will be released in spring 2023 via Inner Ear.


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