Electric Litany

London-based band Electric Litany formed in the spring of 2007.

They spent 3 years writing and rehearsing in derelict public buildings before recording their debut album live within three days in an abandoned church in North London.

Eerie vocals, creeping guitar delays, robotic rhythms and distorted synths are some of the elements that characterise the nostalgic, lo-fi post-rock sound of Electric Litany.

“How To Be A Child And Win The War” was released in 2010 and quickly received great reviews and the devotion of an eclectic audience. The release was followed by concerts in Europe where these audiences shared a unique experience.

Their long-awaited sophomore album showcases a collaboration with legendary producer Alan Parsons and was released across Europe in February 2014 via Inner Ear. A month earlier (15/1) they performed at the prestigious Eurosonic Festival in the Netherlands.

The band currently consists of: Alexandros Miaris (vocals, guitars, piano, synths, cello), Richard Simic (drums, percussion), Benjamin Prince (synths) and Pavlos Mavromatakis (bass).



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