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With their debut album, “How To Be A Child And Win The War”, not only won great reviews, but they were instantly loved by the Greek audience. Then came the concerts in Greece and Europe, where the lucky ones who attended, shared a unique experience. In expectation of their new material for some time now, finally there’s a 7inch, forerunner of the second Electric Litany album, expected near the end of 2012.

Electric Litany continue to compose, rehearse, make demos and live in public spaces combining economy with a certain clandestine charm and following an ideology that says that public buildings belong to the people for any possible use, even to write music. After the church that hosted them and the recordings of their first album, their new home for a while was a large rectory in West London, where “Enemy” was written. When forced to leave it, they moved to an old candy factory in East London, in which they built a rudimentary home studio and there continued to rehearse and wrote “Betrayal Of The Lamenting Circles”. The final recordings took place – unexpectedly – in Athens this time, at Vasilis Terlegas’ studio, where the aesthetic connection between Terlegas and Litany was their shared love for analog recording on magnetic tape.

The arrangement and the lyrics of the two tracks bridge lyricism with crudity and action. At the same time their thematics are looking for the perfect balance between personal/social revolution and eros/love, starting from the idea that to be someone or something revolutionary, they should have only love (for life, for mankind) On the other hand, for someone to truly love, to fall in love, the ideal is to be free. Basically the “Enemy” is all the things that we do not need and in fact harm us and getting rid of them as soon as possible, will give us one day when we will be able to have and we will only need our loved ones. The “Betrayal Of The Lamenting Circles” was written for all those dark love passions that triumphantly remind us how weak we are against love, the most obscure, the most incomprehensible and beautiful thing of all.

Currently, 2 video clips are being prepared for these tracks. The video for “Enemy” has been shot in Lefkimmi (Corfu) starring residents of the village, in a depiction of a futuristic and somewhat symbolic agricultural revolution, symbolized by a small boy. The video for “Betrayal Of The Lamenting Circles” will be an elusive dream.

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