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Cat.No: INN233L, INN233 Release Date: 30.09.2022 /
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12" Vinyl EP + MP3

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Electric Litany return with their new EP, “Sonder”.

Inspired by graphic designer and director John Koenig’s project The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, “Sonder” is a musical description of certain emotions, which have not yet acquired a name, and is based on the idea that we feel much more than we can express. It consists of 5 tracks, which deal with 5 emotions so specific that our language does not yet have the words to contain them. One of them is sonder (the momentary realization that every random passer-by lives a life as vivid and complex as yours), which is also the title of the record.

The EP was written amid lockdown in London. Electric Litany decided to try a different creative process by putting some self-limitations. Their original idea was to write music for sleep. While a second limitation was to write the ideas on the piano and record them over two days without any rehearsals. And so it happened, Alexandros Miaris wrote some drafts on the piano and then they booked the Fish Factory Studio for two days, without hearing the tracks not even once as demos. They found again the essence of live recording and kept the first 1-2 takes of the tracks with mistakes and improvisations, without any amendments. They are completely satisfied with the final form of the EP “The result feels good and honest and it is one of the few times we can listen to our own music.”

Sonder’s cover artwork has a story of its own. They chanced upon an old postcard from the 1970s depicting a coast in Brazil and liked it so much that they decided to find out more about it. Their research led them to photographer Carlos Roberto Rocha, who dug into his archives and found the original photo that is the key element in Sonder’s cover. Each copy of the EP is unique as the stamp and seals have been added by hand, replicating the now rare art of personal correspondence via traditional post.

Released on Special Vinyl Edition and Digital EP via Inner Ear.

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