Foivos Delivorias


Photo by Christos Hatziioannou

He was born in Kallithea, Athens in 1973. He took classic guitar lessons from Orfeas Peridis.
In 1989 he brings his songs to Manos Hadjidakis and the result is the release of his debut album, “I Parelasi” (The Parade) on the label of “Seirios” (Serius).
During the next 6 years he writes and records new songs at home. In 1995 he signs to Sony Music Greece and releases his second album “I Zoi Mono Etsi In’ Orea” (Life is good only this way), while the same year he takes part in the music performance of Dionysis Savvopoulos “Anixiatiko Travlisma” (Spring Stammer).
On the occasion of his next album, “Halia” (Mess) (1998), he tours for the first time and plays live in music venues and university atria all around Greece.
After two years of military service he returns with the relevant music performance, “Kapsimi”, preparing thus the ground for the album “Kathreptis” (Mirror), released in 2003.

The same year he stages the show “Enorgani Gimnastiki” (Apparatus Work) at Zygos in Plaka, while in 2004, together with the team of comic creators “Subart” and Zak Stefanou they present “Fanzine”, a music show inspired by comics.
In the spring of 2007 he releases “Exo” (Out). In the cd booklet the tracks are illustrated by 12 new painters.
During the autumn of the same year he begins “Κ-13” at Zygos, a performance that will be recorded and filmed and will be the main material of the double cd-dvd «I Apithanes Peripeties tou Foivou Delivoria”, (The Fabulous Adventures Of Foivos Delivorias), released from Sony in 2008 .
In 2009 he stages “10 Premieres” at Gialino Mousiko Theatro, 10 improvisation music meetings with equal in number guests (Argiris Bakirtzis, Pavlos Pavlidis, Martha Frintzila, Encardia, Nikos Xidakis, Kostis Maraveyas, Arleta, Maro Markellou, Loukianos Kilaidonis, Musica Ficta).
In the beginning of 2010 he forms Big Band, (a music set of 30 instruments and only two musicians: Giorgos Katsanos and Stamatis Stamatakis) and they present the homonymous music performance at Μetro.
With the same collaborators he records the album “O Aoratos Anthropos” (The Invisible Man), released in December 2010 from Inner Ear.
His new album “Kallithea” is coming out in November 2015.


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