Athens-based band Sigmatropic were formed in 1997 when Akis Boyatzis, their founding member, left the new wave-power punk persona of the early ’80s bands Cpt. Nefos and Libido Blume and pitched his music machine in the field of computer-based electronica. The band, a one-man project shaped around a home studio, soon transformed into a full indie-rock band with intense concert and record activity that received many distinctions in Greece and abroad.

From the early days of “Random Walk” (1998) until today, Sigmatropic are in a constant creative search through their music. Their sole greek-speaking album so far, “Sixteen Haiku and Other Stories” (2002), consisting of music, atmospheres and songs based entirely on poems of Nobel laureate George Seferis, came as a surprise and received praising reviews. The international version of the album released in 2003 hosts 18 guest artists from the US and the UK, who deliver their own vocal interpretation to an English translation of the poems over the same music. The album received outstanding reviews wherever it was released. The track “Haiku 10” featuring Cat Power has been very successful on i-Tunes in the US, while the participation of Robert Wyatt on the opening track of the album evoked admiration and awe from music lovers around the world.

In 2005 they participated in the production and songwriting of Carla Torgerson’s (The Walkabouts vocalist) first solo album, entitled “Saint Stranger” .

All these years they have performed numerous times in various venues all over Greece, they have participated in many festivals such as The Rockwave Festival (1998 και 2005), European Music Day (Athens 2004, 2006) and The Antiracist Festival (2007) and they have opened Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and Placebo concerts in Athens and Thessaloniki.

Their new album “Dead Computer Blues” will be released from Inner Ear in November 2014.

Current line up:
Akis Boyatzis: vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, programming
Foivos Zitis: electric and classic guitar, vocals
Theodore Pistiolas: piano, moog synthesizer, theremin, mandolin, ukulele, vocals
Yiannis Tryferoulis: drums



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