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Film’s compelling cinematic soundscapes revolve around nihilistic urban settings and inspire celluloid fantasies. The work of this Athenian avant-garde three-piece as it morphs into a nebulous electronic amalgamation of dark-pop and 80’s facets, resembles the mystique of an enigmatic motion picture soundtrack. Their flickering sequences, somber sonic textures and distorted outbreaks draw inspiration from the iconic legacy of Film’s universally-acclaimed compatriot Vangelis as well as a wide range of electronic acts of the 70’s and the 80’s.
Film enjoy a leading status amongst the Greek indie scene and have enviable live credits with support slots for behemoths such as The Cure, New Order and The Flaming Lips. They have a discography of 3 albums and 2 singles so far and have extensively toured Europe with gigs in the UK, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia and the Netherlands. FILM have also appeared in important showcases such as SPOT (Denmark) and POPKOMM (Germany) and they did a number of gigs in Reykjavik when they were selected to play at Iceland Airwaves(Iceland).
After a long period of experimentation on new material, Film recently finished the recordings of their new album, the release of which is scheduled for late September 2014.


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