Fantastikoi Hxoi

Fantastikoi Hxoi (Imaginary Sounds) is a re-edit project of Aggelos Baltas, based in Athens that draws material mainly from obscure Greek psych and folk tunes, among other global music. Using samples from classic or totally forgotten tracks, FH creates a peculiar retro-futuristic sound through complete reconstruction or a drastic re-edit.

2008’s “Masters Of The Universe” 2LP (self-released and available for free at his website) has gathered international praise and rave reviews by the local music press. It now counts over 15,000 downloads.

Along festivals such as Synch (Greece), Nachtdigital (Germany) and Gea (Spain), FH has performed in major art exhibitions in his hometown (Art Athina and Anathena) and has been commissioned by the Athens International Film Festival to produce 60 minutes of new material for their “Space” screening in 2009, which showcased silent proto sci-fi films by Georges Melies, Marchel Duchamp, Edwin Porter, Man Ray etc.

His second album, entitled “Fantastikoi Hxoi”, is released from Inner Ear in 2012.



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