Pavlos Pavlidis & B-Movies

Pavlos Pavlidis is a musician, songwriter and singer.

He was born on October 13th 1964 in Bremen, Germany and grew up in Veria (north Greece).

From 1984 to 1988 he participated in the band Mora Sti Fotia (Babies On Fire). In 1992 he created the group Xilina Spathia (Wooden Swords) where he participated as singer, composer and lyricist and released the albums: “Xessaloniki” (1993), “Pera Apo Tis Polis Tis Asfaltou” (1995), “Mia Matia Sa Vrohi” (1997), “Trofi Gia Ta Thiria” (1999), “Enas Kiklos Ston Aera” (2000), “Xilina Spathia Live”(2003).

In 2003 after the disbandment of Xilina Spathia, he released his first solo album “Afou Lipon Xehastika” (2004) and then he formed the band B-Movies and they released the albums “Alli Mia Mera” (2006), “Live At The Apollo Theatre Of Syros” (2008), “Afto To Plio Pou Olo Ftani” (2010). His new album “Istories Pou Isos Ehoun Simvi” is released in the spring of 2013 by Inner Ear.



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