Photo by Eftychia Vlachou

CHICKN is a rock band formed during the Christmas holidays of 2012 in Athens, Greece. It’s a shape that evolves in time, occupying its necessary vital and expressive space while denying any prediction. It’s a game, or at least it always starts as a game.

The main pillars of CHICKN’s music are improvisation, as well as their tendency to embrace the unexpected. They have developed a large body of artists that they work with and as a result their liquid line-up gets temporarily solidified by their current expressive needs.

Their self-titled debut album, released in October 2016, received praising reviews in Greece and abroad and the first pressing sold out within a month. The live presentation included 14 musicians on stage, creating a landmark in Greece’s independent music scene. Their live performances are totally unpredictable because among their other habits, they do not stick to their setlist and they do not stop creating and recording alternate versions of the same songs.

Their highly anticipated sophomore LP, “WOWSERS!”, is coming out in May 2018 via Inner Ear.

Current CHICKN line-up:

Angelos Krallis – vocals, electric guitar, synthesizers
Pantelis Karasevdas – drums, percussion
Chris Bekiris – string machine, electric guitar, backing vocals
Don Stavrinos – horns, percussion
Axios Zafeirakos – bass
Haris Neilas – percussion



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