Nalyssa Green


Photo by Katerina Paspaliari

Nalyssa started playing music in public with several Athenian bands as a singer, accordionist and thereminist in 2009.
In 2010 she had enough songs in her head already and together with Spyros Livanis (producer of both her albums) they started recording and thus created her first diy album “Barock”. After integration with others in what ultimately became a team they began playing live.
In 2011 “Barock” was released on vinyl from Inner Ear.
By the end of 2012, the next (and previous) songs found their way to the world through her second album, “The Seed”. This time the all-the-time drummer of the band Evangelos Aslanidis was added to the creative team.
From now on the live band is consisted of Evangelia Xynopoulou (keyboards-voices-percussion), Spyros Livanis (guitar), Basilis Nitsakis (bass), Evangelos Aslanidis (drums) and Nalyssa Green (vocals, guitar, theremin).