Berlin Brides

Rejection Junkie

Cat.No: INN023 Release Date: 30.06.2010 /
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Two girls and two cities are the main ingredients of the explosive mix that goes under the name Berlin Brides and combines electro, garage, synth-pop, punk and hip hop elements. Natasa (lyricist, lead singer) and Marilena (composer, keyboardist) returned to Athens after a trip to Berlin, full of inspiration and ideas and they formed Berlin Brides in 2007. Since then they haven’t stopped re-inventing the Athenian indie scene with their caustic lyrics and their inflammable live performances.

Their first official release comes in a 7inch clear vinyl that includes the tracks “Rejection Junkie” (Α side) and “Off The Rack” (B side), produced and mastered by Coti K.
The unimplicated b-side “Off The Rack” is a result of the instant chemistry between Berlin Brides during their first rehearsal and is available exclusively on this 7inch. “Rejection Junkie” is a short story of modern celibate life, out of twelve in total, that make their debut album “Modern Celibacy”, which will be released from Inner Ear next fall.

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