Playground Noise

Swinging Lowdown

Cat.No: INN049L, INN049 Release Date: 13.02.2012 /
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7" White vinyl

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The good old days of vinyl wanted artists to always release at least one 7inch (sometimes more) before the release of their album. It was a foretaste of what would follow, or the official baptism for the newcomers. The first Playground Noise 7inch, a rare item in the year 2008, is sold out for a long time now, while their debut album released last year, entitled after the band’s name, has supported all the enthusiastic reactions provoked from their first recorded attempt and established the existing good reputation they already had as a band from their live appearances

The second 7inch, coming out in February by Inner Ear, remains true to the indie guitar sound of the band from Patras, while the new elements added to the arrangement and the lyrics influence the stylistic atmosphere of the tracks, without threatening the band’s solid music base. Playground Noise continues to monitor the lives of those who dance on the edge of life in defiance of the risk of fall, only this time their heroes fall with more style and a little light comes to play with darkness. “A part of nothing / Apart from everything / I can still breathe / I’m doomed but still I breathe”

The addition of more strings and brass, the title of track “Swinging Lowdown” (a possible paraphrase of Swinging London) that could alternatively be “Falling And Laughing” (like that old Orange Juice track), the calm light that penetrates the reeds on the album cover and the lyrics of Cohen [“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”] on the back cover, are only a few signs …

The second album of Playground Noise will be released in late 2012 on Inner Ear.

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