Goodbye Bedouin


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Goodbye Bedouin is a psych garage band from Patras, Greece consisting of Bill Sbilias (vocals, guitar, tambourine), Spyros Papaioannou (guitar, keyboards, vocals), Theo Papadopoulos (guitar, keyboards), Gerasimos Aspromalis (bass, vocals) and George Amaxas (drums, tambourine, maracas), all of them ex-members of indie bands of the city.

In January 2017, they began their first rehearsals mixing up their various influences: fuzz guitars inspired by American and British rock’n’roll, melodic lines from the psychedelic pop of the ’60s, John Barry’s cinematic music but also the urban culture of their era with the lyrics of Beat poets and Dylan Thomas. Shortly thereafter, along with Iasonas Zoumbos (tambourine, percussion), they began to share their music live at festivals (Saristra Festival, Westside Festival) and independent stages in various cities in Greece.

At the end of 2017 they recorded their first two tracks at Noisebox Studio in Patras with producer Manolis Aggelakis (Illegal Operation, Appallachian Cobra Worshipers) and sound engineer Sakis Bastas (Raining Pleasure, Abbie Gale). These are included on their debut single released in 150 numbered 7″ copied and digital via Inner Ear.

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