The Boy Reissues new release date/Vinyl Delays

After receiving update from the plant, unfortunately we have to change the release date of The Boy reissues to March 7th. Knowing first hand your anticipation for these reissues we would like to thank you for your patience and assure you that we have made every effort at a time when things are very difficult. As incredible as it sounds we have ordered these records since April 2021!

On the occasion of the above delay, we would like to share with you the latest unpleasant news regarding the production in vinyl pressing plants. Although this crisis has started about 9 months ago, at the moment we are at its peak. With the beginning of the new year we have been faced with huge price increases and long delays in the production chain, which according to the plants are due to lack of raw materials and consequently to price increases and many more that follow like dominoes. We have made every effort to keep the prices of Inner Ear releases as low as possible, but the chaos we face in our cooperation with 4 different suppliers makes us pessimistic for the coming months. It is certain that we will have to increase the prices in our future releases which are currently in the early stages of production and we may need to miss our favorite vinyl format for a few months, without stopping to look for alternatives and hoping that better days will come.

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