Cassette Store Day – September 27th 2014

The cassette tape revival is in full swing as a favourite music format, with the support of more and more record labels and fans all over the world.

This year Cassette Store Day, returns for its second run on Saturday September 27th.

Inner Ear celebrates Cassette Store Day with two new releases: Film’s “Eclipse” and Mechanimal’s “Secret Science”

The cassettes will be available on the Inner Ear online shop and in the following record stores:


    Vinyl Microstore Didotou 34, Tel. 210-3614544

Record House Οmirou 46, Νea Smirni Τel. 210-9335466

    Lotos Skra 7, Τel. 2310-260776
    Stereodisc Αristotelous 4, Τηλ. 2310-262912

Find out more about Cassette Store Day here

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